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informatica Course Modules


  • History of Informatica
  • Opportunities of Informatica
  • Other ETL tools
  • Power center Administration
  • Informatica Power center architecture
  • Power center components
  • ETL Plan
  • Power center Clients
  • Designer
  • Workflow manager


  • Work Flow monitor
  • Workflow manager
  • Repository manager
  • Power center repository
  • Administrative tool
  • Repository services
  • Integration services
  • Power center domain
  • Application services
  • Concept of nodes and grid
  • Folder Permissions


  • Service manager
  • Power center administration console
  • Repository Administration
  • Creating Repository Users and Groups.
  • Connecting to the Repository.
  • Creating a Group
  • Assigning Privileges to a Group.
  • Creating a User
  • Creating a Folder


Data Warehousing Concepts

  • Data Warehouse
  • Data Mart
  • Data Warehouse Architecture (Basic)
  • Fact
  • Data Warehouse Architecture (with a Staging Area)
  • Dimensional Modeling
  • Star Schema
  • Snowflake Schema
  • Dimension
  • Slowly Changing Dimension
  • Hierarchy
  • Confirmed Dimension
  • Fact less Fact
  • Summary / Aggregations table
  • Change Data capture

Power Center Components

  • Designer
  • Repository Manager
  • Workflow Manager
  • Workflow Monitor


  • Working with relational Sources


  • Working with Flat Files




  • Working with Relational Targets
  • Working with Flat file Targets


  • Expression Transformation
  • Lookup Transformation
  • Sequence Generator Transformation
  • Filter Transformation
  • Joiner Transformation
  • Sorter Transformation


  • Procedural Transformation
  • Router Transformation
  • Aggregator Transformation
  • Update Strategy Transformation
  • Union Transformation
  • Rank Transformation
  • Debugging Mappings


  • Transaction Control Transformation
  • Normalizer Transformation
  • Source Qualifier Transformation
  • Stored Procedure Transformation
  • XML Source Qualifier Transformation


Power Center Transformation Language

  • Numeric functions
  • String Functions
  • Date Functions


  • Conversion Functions
  • Cleansing Functions
  • Aggregate Functions
  • User Defined Functions


  • Unconnected lookup Transformation
  • Mapplet and Types of Mapplets
  • Defining Reusable Transformations.
  • User Defined Functions.
  • Tasks And Types of Tasks.
  • Worklet and Types of Worklets.
  • Scheduling Work flow
  • Constraint Based Load Ordering.
  • Target Load Plan
  • Types of Batch Processing
  • Link conditions
  • Mapping Parameters
  • Mapping Variables


  • Defining Session Parameters
  • Session Recovery
  • Difference Between Normal and Bulk Loading.
  • Push Down Optimization.
  • PMCMD Utility
  • PMREP Utility


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